Buy EUR/MXN on D1

Today, July 10, there was a great opportunity for the Mexican (EUR / MXN). On the daily chart there is a discrepancy between the OsMA indicator histogram and the price (marked with a black line in the chart). This discrepancy testifies to the weakness of bears and the growing strength of bulls. At a price of 21.15, a support area has been formed (about 60 trading days), below which the currency is not traded. In favor of the purchase indicates the price deviation from the moving average 50 (Moving average 50) by almost 1.5% (purple line area 2 in the indicator window). A similar situation with divergence and the same deviation was formed in September 2018 (yellow area 1).

The trade plan is a purchase at current prices (about 21.5) with a take profit of 22.65 and a stop loss of 20.98. The ratio of profit to risk of 2.5 to 1. Follow the rules of risk management!