Copper (HG) for sale on D1

Today, July 23, a trading signal on copper (HG) has been formed. The divergence is visible on the daily chart. The discrepancy between the histogram of the OsMA indicator and the price (indicated by black lines). This discrepancy indicates the weakness of the bulls and the increasing strength of bears. With a price of 2.8 at the top, there were maximum volumes for the last 3 trading months (Better Volumes indicator). Candle 19.07 forms a classic pin bar, which confirms the signal to turn. The only subtle point is the price deviation from the moving average 50. The price is slightly higher than it with a deviation of 1.2%. This suggests that sales will not be at an expensive price, but last time in April of this year, with a similar deviation, there was a turn down.
The trade plan is a sale at current prices (about 2.72) with a take on 2.4745 and a stop at 2.8165. Profit risk is about 2.5 to 1. Do not forget to follow the rules of risk management!