Sell coffee daily timeframe.

Today, July 3, there was a great coffee opportunity (COFFEE). On the daily chart there is a discrepancy between the OsMA indicator histogram and the price (marked with a black line in the chart). This discrepancy indicates the weakness of the bulls and the increasing strength of bears. With the price of 112-113 at the top there were maximum tick volumes for the last 3 trading weeks. In favor of the sale indicates the price deviation from the moving average 50 (Moving average 50) by almost 12% (purple line in the 2 indicator window). With the previous such deviation there was a deep correction (in May). And in October 2018, after such a deviation, a long bear market began.

The trade plan is selling at current prices (about 112) with a take profit of 93.65 and a stop loss of 116.3. The ratio of profit to risk 4 to 1. Follow the rules of risk management!